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Shipping dive gear to us

​When you'd like to have us service your drysuit, regulators, or other gear but live far away, we offer shipments across the globe at various prices.

This way you don't have to drive for a long time and have your serviced gear shipped to your chosen address.

Packing your dive gear

Make sure the box you choose is nice and sturdy. Add some extra materials inside if the box is bigger than what you'd like to send us.

If you ship a drysuit to us, make sure to add a sheet of cardboard on top of your suit. This way, the suit will be better protected from handling.


Adding the repair form

Wait before taping your package shut! Add the repair form that you can download here. Fill in your details and make notes on it to help us find the problem quicker. Or fill out the online form down below and make sure the name matches the shipping details on the package.


Ship it with a company of your choice

GLS, Bpost, PostNL, DHL, and many others ship and receive packages from us. Usually, your nearby grocery store has a postage point where you can bring your package. They will help you with the stamps and other details.

Our address is:

Corbeillestraat 86 - 88 (Blok D, first floor)
2235 Westmeerbeek


Wait for an e-mail from us

When your package arrives at our address, we add it to our system. You will receive an e-mail to which you can reply with further details. But this is also where we send messages and/or questions regarding your repair.

High or unexpected repairs are mentioned before they are done in this system.


Await your returning package

Once things are repaired or serviced, we ship the item back to the address it came from. I you are on holiday and want the package to be shipped to another address, make sure this is mentioned in the system or on the repair form.

Enjoy your dive gear!

Repair Form

Please fill out the following form


Thanks for submitting!


ScubaRepair BV

Scuba United Diveshop

Corbeillestraat 86 - 88

(Blok D, first floor)
2235 Westmeerbeek


 +32 495 18 22 77

VAT:           BE 0670 846 951

ING bank: BE10 3631 6568 2104








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Sunday and Tuesday

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