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The Full Story

This is a small presentation of what Bram, our in-house instructor, does every weekend and what he used to do before joining the dive shop and repair shop. He made a website with blogs, and videos, but also what kind of courses he teaches. You can find him on Instagram @bramdive or ask for him when you come visit the dive shop.


What did I like when I went diving in certain areas? Courses that I personally followed. Little stories to enjoy and read. Don't be afraid to ask for more info about areas because it will be your next diving holiday!


I teach both recreational and technical diving courses. Having been a technical diver,  since I became a recreational instructor with PADI, I always taught more nitrox and deep specialties.

With TDI, Technical Diving Institute, I now also teach decompression diving with accelerated deco using higher nitrox mixtures.

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